Technical Specifications

Rated input power720 W
Blade speed at idle800-2800 strokes/min
Max sawing frequency2800 strokes/min
Max cutting height (wood)140 mm
Max cutting height (steel)20 mm
weight2.3 kg


SDS system - for quick and easy replacement of working equipment; Convenient work even in a dark room, thanks to the built-in backlight; Constant maintenance of speed even under load; New guide bar compatible - for precise cuts; For the convenience of making angled cuts, the tool is equipped with a reliable magnesium support sole with toolless adjustment; With the help of a special swivel wheel on the body of the jigsaw, it is easy and simple to adjust the working speed in the range from 800 to 3100 strokes per minute; The switchable function of blowing sawdust from the cutting line - for greater convenience during work; Precision Control system to increase the accuracy of cuts; Cutting depth in aluminum - up to 20 millimeters, in unalloyed steel - up to 10 millimeters.

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