El Naser Company for Importing Industrial Equipment and Workshop Supplies

The exclusive agent of Bosch in Libya, and our products are characterized by high quality and advanced technology for craft and industrial works Find the way to Bosch products easily .. El Naser Company will continue to strive for excellence and innovation in serving its customers

About Us

We are pleased to present to you an overview of our company: In 1960 was the first founding of the “El Naser Industrial Equipment” company, whose first headquarters was in Benghazi, and due to the increasing needs of our customers in the demand for the company’s services represented in providing BOSCH industrial equipment, the size of our company increased in a short time and expanded to include a large scope that contributes more to meeting the integrated service of the customer . We affirm that the most prominent characteristic of Nasr Industrial Equipment is the diversity and quality of our project equipment, and most importantly, we are accelerating in providing integrated solutions for most of the projects that concern you. One of our most prominent services to you is also providing you with technical specifications and good quotations from BOSCH Industrial Equipment for various projects. We are also pleased with the development of “El Naser” company in a clear way thanks to the work in several diverse and carefully selected projects during the past years, and it is worth noting here that most of the clients who dealt with us for the first time repeat the ball over and over again because they have found support and actual solutions to advance their projects to the desired profit, If this indicates anything, it indicates the quality of our products and industrial equipment.